MovingLake Supports Web3 Data Connectors

We are excited to announce MovingLake now supports Web3 data connectors. We have added support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. People wanting access to all of their address transactions in their data warehouse for business intelligence can now do so using our connectors. And of course, all of the data is moved-through in real-time.

Why Web3 Connectors?

Blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana have grown a lot not only in volume of users and transactions, but also technologically in the latency and throughput they offer. As such, data connectors for these blockchains is becoming a necessity for businesses operating on these blockchains. Understanding how smart contracts are operating, when and with which addresses and amounts is key to monitor these contracts effectively.

MovingLake uses websockets to access the data from the blockchains. As such, data received is as real-time as it gets. This lets you not only store this data in your data warehouse for business intelligence, but also send this data to a message queue or to a microservices to trigger all sorts of workflows and automations.