LiveRez Connector

The LiveRez PMS is well-established in the industry and has over 13 years of experience. Plus, consistent updates and innovations means that you'll stay at the forefront of industry standards. Instant quotes. Data instantly feeds into local accounting software, LiveTrust.

These are the top entities you can get with LiveRez Connector

Reservation System
Our well-established reservation system has over 13 years of experience and constant innovation. With LiveRez, you’ll have all your essential reservation operations on one intuitive, reliable platform.
Website Design
Go beyond the standard vacation rental website builder. LiveRez creates websites that convert with a special focus on increasing your revenue per booking. Our team are experts in creating professional and unique websites that make the booking process easy and convenient for prospective guests. LiveRez-designed websites are mobile-friendly, customized for your business, and – most importantly – built to hit your major KPIs.
While LiveRez is a comprehensive stand-alone product, we provide custom options for vetted industry experts. Seamlessly connect LiveRez to other industry-leading property management software from the Integration Marketplace. Turn integrations on and off with a single click and get an up-to-date overview of what businesses are integrated with LiveRez’s platform. Create a custom experience that fits your business.

Sync your data to any of the supported destinations