Maestro PMS Connector

With Maestro's on-premise or cloud PMS, hoteliers receive 24/7 call-center support; free version upgrades; on-demand live one-on-one training; in application live-chat and email support, e-learning center, live webinars; and professional productivity audits to maximize the investment.

These are the top entities you can get with Maestro PMS Connector

Multi Property Management
Maestro has extensive experience providing multi-property hotel groups and chains with powerful, yet flexible, enterprise-wide system solutions. Whether you want centralized SaaS (software as a service) processing and database hosting from your corporate VPN, or for every property to operate as a standalone unit, Maestro Multi-property management will accommodate your varied and unique requirements.
Analytics & Business Intelligence Datamining
A fully integrated Business Intelligence module, Maestro Analytics, takes the volume of data your organization collects and turns it into meaningful information that management and staff can use in day-to-day activities, marketing efforts, budgeting and forecasting.
Owner & Vacation Rental Management
the Owner Management module is designed to streamline the operation for each specific functional requirement. From Owner reservation controls to accounting, this module offers a unique feature set to accommodate the flexibility and needs of those who manage Condo & Vacation Club.

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