Newbook Connector

NewBook is a property management solution, channel manager and universal booking engine designed for property rentals of all types, including hotels, resorts, apartments, holiday parks, and marinas. With NewBook, businesses can manage reservations and cancellations, integrated with world's leading existing hotel technology across PMSs, CRSs, RMSs, and payment providers, connect with world's leading hotel technology provides across PMSs, CRSs, RMSs and payment systems, monitor real-time data, as well as promote additional revenue opportunities.

These are the top entities you can get with Newbook Connector

Cloud-based Property Management Software offers all the tools you need to easily manage your property from one central platform. Streamline your operations, boost your revenue, increase your bookings and enhance the guest experience with NewBook. Centralize your operations. Improve staff productivity. Boost revenue
Booking Engine
Our integrated All-In-One Booking Engine allows you to take commission-free reservations through your own website, so you can save on third-party costs while your guests enjoy a fully-branded booking experience!. Simplify your booking process. Save on commission fees. Maximize revenue opportunities
Say goodbye to multiple providers and confusing fees; NewBook Payments has you covered. Our integrated payment solution allows you to consolidate all your payment systems under one roof and easily manage everything within the NewBook platform. Take payments through multiple means. Automate your cash flow and reduce human error. Focus on your business, not your admin

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