Preno Connector

Preno is a hotel software company that offers cloud solutions for independent hoteliers - offering a PMS, Channel Manager and Booking Engine. Preno is built for hoteliers by hoteliers. Preno is a simple, powerful property management system designed for accommodation providers.

These are the top entities you can get with Preno Connector

Booking Management Software
With Preno, you not only reap the benefits of a streamlined booking management system, but gain access to an effortless suite of tools. Spend your days looking at a sleek, simple, colour-coded grid, with the ability to view past, current & future bookings. Conveniently move bookings & organise room types with Preno’s drag & drop feature. With various filters built into your hotel reservation system software, you can view specific bookings by groups, status, payment type & more. Build detailed guest profiles to personalise their stay next time they visit.
Preno is a cloud-based property management software that is designed for effortless use, and simple navigation. Be comforted by Preno’s sleek & simple, colour-coded grid, providing you options to view past, current & future bookings. Have flexibility to shift bookings & room types with Preno’s simple drag & drop design. Conveniently filter groups, status & payment types, so you can view specific bookings types within your property management system. Make your repeat guests feel special by building personalised guest profiles.
Direct Bookings Bootcamp
A direct booking, plain and simple, can increase your revenue by 15%. It's easy to forget that distribution partners take a cut of your profit when you're simply happy to get a new reservation. But, the goal here is to not only secure bookings but to make those bookings count. Over the course of 30 days, we'll. supply you with tools and resources that teach you how to effectively optimize your website, create a successful pricing strategy, and utilize digital marketing to gain more bookings.

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