Protel Connector

Protel Air is a cloud native , fully internationalized, enterprise property management system for hotels and accommodation businesses, from small independents through to global hotel groups. It provides the sophistication to manage even the most demanding hotels, locally or on a global scale.

These are the top entities you can get with Protel Connector

Protel’s cloud-based PMS helps hotels boost guest-experience. Less time on the keyboard equals more time for the guest. Simple! Seamless communication between departments? Check. Billing and invoicing functions to help keep track of every transaction
Booking Engine
Protel’s Booking Engine enables hotels to customize the look and feel, tailor it to the exact needs, and create an unforgettable porte-cochère from which guests can be chauffeured through the booking process. From a technical standpoint, protel’s Booking Engine accesses the hotel’s PMS system in real-time to allow for instant online bookings and availability updates
Mobile App
Protel VOYAGER is an award-winning app that offers hotels or hotel groups an easy way to publish their own branded app, directly powered by protel PMS. Empower guests and staff alike to make the most of their time, by providing mobile tools, digital concierges, excellent communication and more.

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