RNS Connector

The RNS software is a cloud-based platform, meaning you have access to your entire database of information wherever you are. No matter the size of your vacation rental business, if you manage 20, 250, or 2,000+ units, the RNS system handles each size with the same exact precision and effectiveness.

These are the top entities you can get with RNS Connector

Online Booking
Transform your website into a booking engine. Search and View up-to-date property images, details and calendars. Let customers Shop, Book and Pay right from the convenience of their own home. Our Responsive websites are optimized for any internet ready device. From desktop to mobile phone, laptop to tablet; Guests are able to navigate through the entire booking process with ease.
RNS Accounting Software’s tailored property management features keep your rental company’s bookkeeping error free, while going beyond any generic accounting program you might be using. Specific properties like separate financial & reservation groups, vendor payments, routine owner statements, commission percentages, and much more are all integrated within the RNS Vacation Rental Software.
RNS Vacation Rental Management Features help Property Managers handle Work orders, House keeping, Travel Insurance, Long-term Management and Reporting. The necessity of work order automation, housekeeping scheduling, and integrated travel insurance options are all vital necessities to a vacation rental management company. The ability to manage your long-term rentals and your short-term rentals in one comprehensive program is unparalleled by any other software company out there. RNS Management Features help ease the workload property managers face daily.

Sync your data to any of the supported destinations