Tokeet Connector

Tokeet is a comprehensive Property Management System (PMS) designed primarily for vacation rental managers and owners. It streamlines operations by offering a centralized platform for managing bookings, reservations, guest communications, invoicing, and other critical aspects of the business. Tokeet also allows users to integrate their rental properties with various online travel agencies (OTAs) like Airbnb,, VRBO, etc., ensuring broader visibility and simplified synchronization of booking calendars.

Top Tokeet Entities

Facilitates the overall management of rental properties, providing functionality for adding, updating, or removing properties from the system. It also handles property-specific information like property description, amenities, photos, and other important details that are displayed on various booking platforms.
Allows users to manage the pricing details for their properties on a daily basis or for specific periods. It includes functionalities such as setting standard rates, seasonal pricing, and last-minute discounts, effectively controlling the revenue management aspect of their rental business.
Enables users to manage the individual rooms within their properties, providing options to define room types, capacity, and unique features or amenities. It is particularly useful for larger properties or multi-unit rentals, ensuring each room's specific details are accurately reflected in the property listings.

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