VRM Connector

VRM, a staple PMS software in the Vacation Rental market, headquartered in North Carolina and Beyond Pricing, the leading dynamic pricing tool for vacation rentals have come together to offer customers the best combination of software to ensure your business thrives.

These are the top entities you can get with VRM Connector

Reservationists love Virtual Resort Manager® because of the ease, versatility, and intuitive nature of the VRM reservation process. There are four ways to make a reservation in the system: First, from the main reservation screen, which provides the advanced search capability, including searches by number in the party, amenities, location, property type, and other user-defined parameters; Second, by the advanced tape chart, which provides a graphic display of availability on selected properties; Third, by the monthly property calendar, which provides detailed reservations information for an individual property for a three month period; and fourth, by the annual property calendar, which provides a broad overview of an individual property for an entire year.
Automated Accounting
Automated accounting streamlines your purchasing process with an automated system that increases efficiency. We offer accurate, user friendly, and highly automated trust accounting functionality. North Carolina Real Estate compliant. Escrow Accounting Functionality
Work Orders
Virtual Resort Manager provides full work/service order functionality with its unique dual system of and Maintenance and Housekeeping work orders. Both types of work orders are easy to manage and track through the appropriate screens on your client console, and both provide the functionality to assign multiple vendors to the same order, to assign the financial account from which payment will be taken, and to monitor progress of the work order as it progresses from "open" to "completed" to "approved for payment." Within the VRM system taxes can be applied to maintenance and housekeeping work orders. Work orders setup to be paid by an owner's account can be assigned an expense type. Assigning an expense type to an owner work order will provide your owners an expense type breakdown for the month or year end. The Housekeeping work order, which is used for tasks to be completed by the housekeeping department, actually places itself on the correct housekeeping schedule and interacts with the housekeeping status functionality to designate current status as the work is being performed.

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