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Cloudbeds integration using Movinglake

How to sign up for Movinglake?

First of all it is necessary that you have created an account at if not, you can create one at Once you have your account created it is necessary to have a subscription to create connectors within the application.

How to connect Movinglake with Cloudbeds for the first time?

You can go to the section where you can search for Cloudbeds. Once selected you must give a name to the connector as well as a brief description, then click on the “Get external credentials” button which will redirect you to the Cloudbeds login page simply log in with your account and accept the permissions.

If everything has gone well you should see the message “Amazing! You have successfully installed MovingLake’s App!” just go back to the home window from Movinglake and press the “Validate” button you should see the message “Credentials validated successfully” at this point you have already linked your Cloudbeds account with Movinglake.

Connecting through Cloudbeds Marketplace.

There is another way in which you can connect the Movinglake app from your Cloudbeds account. To do this, go to the Cloudbeds portal and log in with your account, once logged in, go to the Marketplace area. Once there, look for the Movinglake app, when you click you will see a new screen with the “Connect” button, press it and accept the permissions. At the end you will see a confirmation screen, what you have to do is go back to cloudbeds and refresh the browser then you will see that the button has changed to “Login” which will redirect you to our App to start creating your connectors.

Specific functionality of the integration.

The Movinglake app is in charge of extracting data from your account to a destination that you choose, such as MySQL, Google Datasheets or BigQuery. We extract all possible data for analysis. In this case, for Cloudbeds we extract reservations, hotels, guests, adjustments, payments and much more. This has a sync time where you can specify how often the data is synced as well as a backfill to bring historical data. In the entity selection panel, simply choose the ones you prefer as well as their extraction frequency.

What are the limitations of the integration?

At the moment Movinglake only supports a single property so if your account has multiple properties the app does not support all of them.

How to disconnect the app?

To disconnect the app you can simply go to the connectors section in the navigation bar, press the gear and then click on the “Delete” button will delete the connector as well as the connection to your Cloudbeds account.

You can also disconnect the app from Cloudbeds using the steps in the following link

How to get support?

Movinglake offers support at or by phone +1 415 619 7502.