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Mercado Libre API Connector Documentation

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How to use the Mercado Libre API Connector.

Mercado Libre is one of the most advanced e-commerce marketplaces nowadays and operates all over Latin America. Mercado Libre provides a comprehensive documentation about its API through their developer website. MovingLake provides a connector which extracts data using both webhooks and GET endpoints and pushes all of it to the desired destination or destinations.

Connector guide.

To enable the connector first install the MovingLake App into your account. To do this please follow the following steps:

  1. Log-in to your seller Mercado Libre account. You must log-in with the administrator user.
  2. Go to this url and accept the App installation.
  3. If everything goes well you should receive a message alerting about the successful installation.
  4. Go to your MovingLake account and create a Mercado Libre connector specifying the desired destination or destinations.
  5. That’s it! You should start seeing the data flow into your destinations.

Following is a list of entities we currently support for this connector:

  • Orders: We extract Orders every minute. We send any new orders as well as any orders which had an update.
  • Items: We scan all items for any changes in your account every hour and send any updates downstream.
  • Messages: We propagate any post-sale message generated in your account downstream every minute.
  • Questions and Answers: We send downstream all pre-sale questions and answers.
  • Shipments: We scan every minute for new shipments or updates on any previously sent shipment and send them downstream.
  • Reputation: We get a snapshot of the reputation every minute and store it.
  • Item Vists: We scan each of the account items and extract the daily visits performance.
  • Claims: We get all the claims in the account and sync them.