Announcing our Official Integration with Tokeet PMS

We are thrilled to announce our official integration with Tokeet Property Management System (PMS), elevating the capabilities of vacation rental management to new heights. This integration is an exciting progression in the vacation rental industry, providing managers with a robust, streamlined, and highly efficient platform for property management.

What is Tokeet?

Tokeet is a sophisticated Property Management System (PMS) specifically designed for the vacation rental industry. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help property managers seamlessly handle all aspects of their vacation rental business. From centralized reservation management and multi-channel listing capabilities to advanced invoicing and guest communication tools, Tokeet streamlines complex tasks, ensuring efficient operations and enhanced guest satisfaction.

Tokeet's multi-channel manager allows users to synchronize their property data across numerous booking channels such as Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor, among others. This feature eliminates double bookings, ensures real-time availability updates, and broadens the reach of their property listings. It effectively ensures that rental properties are marketed to the largest possible audience, thereby increasing bookings and revenue.

Key Benefits by Tokeet

Tokeet Benefits
  • Channel Management
  • Owner Management
  • Invoice & Payments
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Premium Services
  • Automation
  • Staff Management
  • Direct Bookings
  • Mobile Apps

Why use the MovingLake - Tokeet Integration?

The integration between MovingLake and Tokeet brings the best of both worlds - efficient data handling and sophisticated property management - together, creating a potent tool for vacation rental managers. The most significant advantage is the automation of data processes, reducing the need for time-consuming, error-prone manual data management. Through the MovingLake API ETL processes, property managers can extract data from Tokeet, transform it to fit their needs, and load it onto their own systems or databases, all in a seamless, automated fashion.

The ability to have precise, reliable, and up-to-date information is critical for success in the vacation rental business. Through this integration, property managers can gain actionable insights from their data, identify trends, track performance, and make data-driven decisions that will enhance their operations and ultimately, their bottom line. This makes the MovingLake-Tokeet integration a powerful ally in optimizing and growing your vacation rental business.

Moreover, having MovingLake's data experts in the mix adds an extra layer of proficiency. With their expertise in managing and analyzing data, they can help property managers interpret their data in a meaningful way, offering strategies and solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. Whether it's understanding booking patterns, optimizing pricing strategy, or identifying growth opportunities, MovingLake's data experts provide the kind of insight that can transform the way you manage your vacation rental properties. This integration is not just about facilitating data processes; it's about harnessing the full potential of your data to drive your business forward.

How do I get started!?

Please head over to our Tokeet Docs to get started right away!