Smily Connector

BookingSync, the company behind Smily, is a French startup. When we created the BookingSync product, our vacation rental management platform, the goal was to make the lives of vacation rental owners, managers, and agencies much easier. We strove to help them save time and book more so they could spend more time with the ones they love. As we added many powerful features, our platform became more oriented to managers and agencies.

These are the top entities you can get with Smily Connector

Booking engine
Whether it’s advertising your property through thousands of websites, managing your booking, accepting a payment, communicating with your guests, or issuing a contract, Smily can handle it. Dedicated to simplicity and ease of use, we have developed an intuitive software that is a friend to owners and small managers alike, throughout every step of vacation rental management.
Channel Manager
Smily disrupted the scene with fully delegated distribution of your property to our channel partners. You can maintain a centralized listing with details, rates, and a calendar that automatically updates websites and supports portals like Airbnb,, HomeAway, and VRBO, among others. At heart, we provide a product that is simple, reliable, fast, and fun.
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