Hoteliga Connector

The hoteliga PMS (or Property Management System), offers the hotel staff or the managers of vacation apartments, the ability to manage on their own the daily operations of their property in a convenient way as well as work remotely, even with the use of a smartphone. the homepage of the hoteliga PMS.

These are the top entities you can get with Hoteliga Connector

Interactive Booking Calendar
A complete and user-customizable calendar for the management of manually inserted reservations. Along with the channel manager (optional), the reservations from the OTAs (e.g. are inserted automatically, while the room availability of them is updated in real-time.
Real-Time Tracking of Housekeeping
The hotelier or the person responsible for the housekeeping can setup the various tasks (e.g. change of towels, sheets etc.) that are assigned automatically for every reservation based on its duration or other criteria. The housekeeping staff can work either with a printout of the housekeeping plan or by using a smartphone, with which it can update in real-time the cleanliness status of the rooms or apartments.
Channel Manager
The hoteliga Channel Manager is an in-house product that provides certified connections with the main players in the international OTA market. The supported channels are:, Expedia/, Hotelbeds, Airbnb and Agoda. There is also a connection with TripAdvisor when also using the hoteliga Booking Engine.

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